Cross Country schooling is open, revamped and drained £35 per horse
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Keysoe Membership

Open and accepting applications. Book and use all riding facilities at Keysoe for a fixed monthly fee

This would be use of show Jump arenas, flat schooling arenas, polework arena, and cross country schooling, all within a monthly package paid as a riding member – priced per rider and not per horse or per hire

All riders would have to be members for the benefit, so 2 riders on 2 horses = 2 members, one rider with 2 horses = 1 member

Price will be £120 per calendar month including VAT (all correctly invoiced); once an application is received, we would ask you to set up a Standing Order to us, and once completed, we will begin membership. Under current Covid rules this will be codes to allow pre-booking of arenas within our online booking system, but as rules relax, we should be able to make booking easier and more flexible

We will set up and maintain 84 x 64 metre main jumping arena, on the 110 x 40 jumping arena we have a full course set up as a 60 x 40 arena, leaving a 50 x 40 where polyjump stands and poles are available to set up a polework / grid / athletecising session.(will be arena XC in winter) 2 x 20 x 60 schooling arenas, XC schooling fields with fences from 60cms to intermediate.  Indoor arenas will come in to play, as will clubhouse facilities, but these at present are enforced closed

The plan is that this becomes a full membership, paid monthly, rather than a binge and rest access; but we will start this with simple monthly payment and no restrictions / minimal term to get a package and membership settled into place.  When we hit the point of wait list and full membership, we will allow members to pause membership for periods of a month or more if they are unable to use the benefits

The background to this is that we see corona restrictions as a long term issue, and something that will have to be managed well in to 2021.  Whilst there may be opportunities to move back to competition (and Keysoe was built as a competition centre); those competition opportunities will b every different.  We have decided that we will not commence competition when doing so will put officials / volunteers / staff or customers at increased risk.  There is some risk that is acceptable, (crossing the road is a hazard) but we want no individual risk to be more hazardous than doing the shopping.  Hire and coaching fits that risk profile, so we would like to offer the best hire package available

The current rules will make any useage currently pre-booked and subject to social distancing restrictions (two people distanced, or one household).  We would like to make fair use as reasonable and unrestrictive as possible, bookings will have to be used, and members who book and don’t turn up will lose ability to pre book early.  Hopefully allowing all members to pre book a restricted number of slots a fortnight or more in advance, and then a free for all a week in advance will give everyone a chance to get use when they require.  We will restrict member numbers to a manageable number so that membership gives fair access rather than frustration
If there is any lockdown period where access to facilities is not permitted, then membership fees will be paused and carried over for the duration.

Membership Application Form in word or pdf please return to